Civil Site Design

 Lower Columbia Engineering has provided the civil site design and associated engineering for a wide range of commercial and industrial sites throughout the Northwest. Additionally, we can provide engineering services for public street improvements associated with various development projects. This process typically involves meeting the specific jurisdictional requirements and working through site specific challenges regarding stormwater and utilities as economically as possible.

Wauna Credit Union Site Plan:

  • Information gathering and meetings with the city staff and architect
  • Complete set of civil plans:   
    • Water service
    • Sanitation service
    • Power supply
    • Stormwater management
           Fultano's Pizza in Scappoose:
  • Civil site design plans that included
    • Storm drainage grading and report
    • Design of curbing and lighting
    • Catch basins and storm conveyance
    • Water, sewer and other utility connections

Midway Veterinary Hospital:

  • Civil site plans
  • Stormwater analysis and detention
  • Erosion and sediment control plans (ESCP)
  • Technical assistance during the permit and construction processes