Latitude 46 and Alt 101 Apartments

Our efforts for these developments focused on general site design and civil improvements for the development of two adjacent apartment complexes being constructed in unison. Site work included wetland delineation and management, site grading and utility routing, as well as designing a joint stormwater system. Using LIDA techniques, the two sites’ stormwater system met jurisdictional requirements for quality and quantity runoff values prior to discharging to wetlands. Spatial constraints for the apartment development and site topography lead to an integrated design of several bioretention basins collecting runoff from the impervious surface and feeding into a main stormwater swale. The end system saved money on infrastructure costs while managing spatial requirements for buildings and pavement. We also retained site hydrology and managed runoff on site saving clients the burden of developing public improvements, and contributed to the continuing welfare of on site wetlands and natural features.

Client: Latitude 46 and Alt 101 Apartments

Location: Warrenton, Oregon

Scope of Services:

• Stormwater Management

• Site Grading

• Utility Planning

• Wetland Investigation and Management