Lower Columbia Engineering, (LCE), has been providing professional services for various public organizations and private land owners throughout the Northwest since 2001. This work consists of construction management, project management, engineering & architectural design services, collecting topographical data, surface modeling, environmental restoration services, and environmental site assessment. Our staff is made up of individuals who specialize in each of these areas. We take a “keep it simple” approach to navigating the complex process of planning, design, permitting and managing the implementation of construction projects.


LCE is located in St. Helens, Oregon. Over the last 19 years the company has evolved into a well-rounded multidisciplinary firm. Our staff is made up of licensed engineers, registered architect, project managers, and a support staff of designers, drafters and administrative personnel. Our project history is diverse and includes a variety of facilities such as educational, athletic, automotive, public health, waste management, exercise facilities, shopping centers, financial institutions, industrial complexes, public transit centers, office buildings, veterinary clinics, restaurants, churches, service stations, convenience stores, municipal buildings, wineries and community centers.


We successfully weathered the economic recession of 2008/2009 by not limiting ourselves to a specific discipline. For this reason, we’ve remained financially stable, well diversified and have shown steady growth in volume of business and personnel. We attribute this success to our strong service record with local public organizations and a willingness to invest in employees with a high level of professional expertise.


LCE routinely provides the professional services necessary to ensure a project’s success without overcomplicating the process. We have wide-ranging experience with both public and private projects and the issues that are unique to each. Based on this experience, and our common-sense approach, we realize the importance of communication, availability, and follow-through so that delays and cost increases associated with these issues are minimized. We regularly provide services for projects throughout communities across the west and hold engineering and architectural licenses in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.


LCE’s approach to projects is client centered. We provide professional services that represent the best interests of our clients. We strive to find the ideal balance between practicality, economics, and aesthetics in meeting our client’s goals. With ever increasingly complex code and planning requirements, it is easy for design professionals to get bogged down or sidetracked on issues that are not relevant to the actual project objectives, compromising the productivity of a project. We make every reasonable effort to keep projects on track and meet objectives without compromising safety or performance.


Our office utilizes the latest software packages, such as: Microsoft Office Professional Edition, AutoCAD and Adobe to effectively manage and develop project documents. Illustrator, Photoshop, 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4 are used to produce our artistic renderings. We offer a full line of efficient printing, scanning and report production capability that includes handling large format documents